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Who are we?

Conversations about practising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and eating mindfully are gaining momentum across countries worldwide. Larger concerns about reducing one’s carbon footprint and consuming sustainable, natural and organic products, make it pertinent to find a brand which encompasses all these factors and also offers best health solutions.


Cawells bridges this gap pertinently by offering superior quality health supplements from Sweden.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to give people the opportunity to choose clean, safe and secure health care products. With lifestyle diseases on the rise, many experience stress, the trigger of health-oriented issues.

Cawells takes pride in being in sync with all the latest and even upcoming trends in the health and dietary supplements industry.
We believe that ‘your health is in our safe hands.’

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Cowells protein powder

The Swedish way of Health

Founded by Ingmar Davidsson in 2015, Cawells was born from the idea to create a comprehensive suite of health supplements including everything from basic vitamins and minerals to weight loss and fitness products along with advanced energy and pleasure enhancing products, besides children’s products.


Cawells has deployed Scandinavian, particularly Swedish medication research & development and manufacturing capabilities for their products. What sets them apart is the fact that they source fresh ingredients locally from sustainable countries and in turn facilitate the quick and easy availability of clean, safe and secure products.


  • Starting from the raw materials to the finished products, everything sold under brand Cawells is manufactured in ISO 22000 certified factories.
  • Production and quality are strictly controlled under HACCP and GMP world food safety quality management system and manufacturing is controlled by the NFA and governed by Food Law of EU and Swedish Food Safety Authorities (SLV).
  • The regulated manufacturing process and stringent quality check process ensures that every product manufactured under the brand name Cawells is of best quality.
  • Each of our products is thoroughly checked and time tested before it reaches the consumer so that it is very simple for them to understand what the product is about, what it contains and what will be its eventual health benefits over a certain duration of time.
  • Our state-of-the-art Research and Development division identifies and develops lifestyle products to match consumer demands.
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